Introducing Cheque-Mates' New Environmentally Friendly Paper With Our Unique Low Carbon Footprint

We're always concerned about the need to care for the environment and, as a responsible business we're concerned with what our environmental responsibilities are.

The Cheque -Mates team members have been searching for more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional paper.

We have a product that we can offer you NOW! Our newest innovation is Cheque-Mates' own Eco Friendly multi-purpose, white A4 80 GSM paper. This paper is made from 80% Bagasse (sugar cane waste) and 20% plantation eucalypt fibre. It is manufactured under the ISO 14001 environmental standard and the ISO 9001 manufacturing standard.

Our newest paper product is endorsed by:

  • WWF;
  • Greenpeace Australia;
  • Australian Conservation Foundation;
  • The Wilderness Society and
  • Friends of The Earth - Australia

This product will help reduce green house gas pollution caused by logging renewable resources and helps prevent the destruction of 30,000 acres of forest land every year.

Cheque-Mates are pleased to offer this premium product to our clients, NOW! We have tested the product on our Xerox Nuvera lasers with great success.

We are also investigating the use of a bio-degradable polyethylene plastic for our Sitma wrapping line. As more information comes to light and when we're successful, we'll keep our valuable customers informed.

Request Cheque-Mates' Eco Friendly Paper for your next order. For more information, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .