We all talk about getting fitter and trying to lose some weight, but mostly that's all we do, "just talk about it".

Well Cheque-Mates has done something about it. Already a leader in the "Trade Only" information distribution industry, they are again leading the way by registering to join the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).

The GCC has been operating now for a couple of years and this year it starts on the 20th May. It goes for 16 weeks and participants are placed into teams of 7 'players'.

The plan is that during this time, we will aim to increase our fitness, hopefully loose some weight, build an even better team environment and have lots of fun. The event is open to everyone, regardless of age, fitness levels or exercise history.

So far Cheque-Mates has registered 3 full teams and already the teams are eager to get started. I dare say the competitiveness and will to win between the teams will be at fever pitch by the 20th May (there could even be the odd wager between the teams just to add a bit more excitement and fun to the challenge).

The team culture at Cheque-Mates promotes anything that will help improve our fitness, well-being and teamwork in the lead up to Christmas 2010.

The fact that we already work as a team, we now have the opportunity to increase these skills as well. This is just the icing on the cake (of course, you can't eat that icing - it'll affect your score).

Cheque-Mates is continually looking at ways to give it that extra competitive edge over it's rivals and this is just another example of the ways and means to achieve that goal.

For more information please feel free to go to www.gettheworldmoving.com.